roy Crowson profileMain hobbies are anything Radio Controlled.
Started Racing R/C Model cars in 1975 with an 8th scale 3.5cc Stockcar with some National and International success. All without sponsorship! Inspired by the local fullsize F2 Superstox team.
Raced most scales and classes, but had to retire from the Nitro Methanol engines due to Excema around 1990.
Turning to Electric and the larger 5th Petrol Touring cars and Topstox, also some Karting, taking part in Charity events headed by Johnny Herbert.
Winning a Local series, followed by a National final win sponsored by McLaren F1, the prize was a pit lane walk at the F1 GP in Estoril, Portugal


1981 R.S.C.A World Stox Champion Lilford (gold)
1982 R.S.C.A Stox  Champion Colne + Concours
1983 E.M.S.A World Stox Runner up Germany
1984 E.M.S.A. European Champion Stox Leicester
1986 Puma Grand Prix Stox Champion Leicester
1987 R.S.C.AChampion of Champions Yorkshire
1988 R.S.C.A Stox Champion Pontefract Yorkshire
1988 Jack Bye Memorial Sandown Chessington
1989 Harry Talbot Memorial Leicester
1994 Monsters of stock Final Coventry
1996 Mclaren F1/Portugal/ Pheonix karting National
2001 Topstox 1st National points champion
2002 Topstox National points champion Nottingham

A collection of some of my memorable pics over the last half century, from past (left) to present.
Things I have done, mostly my models or been inspired by (like My Dad Karting from the '60s) The F3 I spun at thruxton on my 50th etc.As a Technical Illustrator I drew the first Exploded Illustrations for Cecil Schumacher.