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PMCR sunday drivers on tour
When the sun comes out -well in the summertime, many of us set out early looking for more competition in some of the national racing series.
If you think racing indoors is good, ok its good practice, but when you see 10 cars on the limit at twice the speed and trading paint on purpose built tarmac circuits -just awesome!

While some attended the brca and torc series, most opted for the more friendly Schumacher btcc with trophys and prizes. (Any make of electric touring car to brca rules with sorex control tyres)
The first round at Bedworth 2004 was over subscribed 140 entrys (about half in the stock class) good for plenty of close racing then. Drivers are often seperated by fractions of a second over 5 mins, beats empty carparks.

If anyone knows of a suitable area of land for a track in the Peterborough area please let us know.

Thanks to all the organisers, also Richard for the lifts and Steve for the hot dogs.
We really enjoyed the whole racing experience with more enthusiasts at all the varied venues. The bad news guys is -look out we're going back to do the next series, sorry.

pmcr at the Schumacher btcc
Picture Gallery
Bedworth R1 Bedworth
New track -smooth, flowing, downhill braking
Aldershot R2 Aldershot
Flat out banked sweeper -but not in the wet!
Southend R3 Southend
New long layout -v bumpy -pilots licence usefull (35mhz?)
Wrexham R4 Wrexham
Well worth the trip -challanging back straight -not!
Snetterton R5 Snetterton
Large open fast flowing layouts, low kerbs -need large pinion, good cells
West London R6 West London
Fast technical -but it can bite!
Stafford R7 Stafford
Superb new smooth flowing circuit, low kerbs
R8 Milton Keynes
Short slippery multi layout
Ashby R9 Ashby finals
Very challanging has everything -bumpy