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GT12 Supastox /Mardaves Schmacher/Zen F1, Racing Trucks & 12th circuit 10th scale Stock Touring cars, buggys, & 14th Carisma Touring cars




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About Us
We race most radio controlled electric racing cars indoors on superb primafelt gt carpet.
All Beginners and prospective members are welcome to watch and ask advice for free!
AMB Computer lap counting with printouts,
Races 5min /finals are 7min
Race entry is Members £5 each class,
Non Members £6

Limited mains sockets and tables available.
Snacks available, (EXCEPT DURING COVD19) also shops close by.
We aim to get as much racing as possible.

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Updated 7-apr-24

april 20th 2024
Saturdays 12.30pm-5pm
September to May -check fixtures

*Please book in by 1.00pm
*Racing starts at 1.30pm
*Heats depend on number of drivers

*Race Entry. Members £5
Non Members £6 each Class

New England Complex
Millfield Community Centre,
(Lincoln Rd opposite Occupation rd and the Park)(dont use postcode) map

pmcr Rules & Regs
  1. General - All Classes
    1.1 No Mini pin or Rally block Tyres – Although exceptions could be made for the tyres that come with RTR type kits & Buggies.
    1.2 Tyre Additives – Only recognised additives, no WD40, Brake cleaner etc.
    1.3 Safety – All cars must be safe when initially entered to the meeting. i.e. no sharp edges protruding/exposed from the body shell.
    *Lipos must be charged in a Lipo sack.
  2. Modified Touring
    Not run
  3. Stock Touring
    3.1 BRCA Legal 27 turn stock motors or 13.5 turn Brushless /6 cell NiMah or 2 cell lipo
    3.2 Any Molded rubber Tyres (Subject to 1.1)
  4. Formula One
    4.1 21 turn Brushless motors or equiv
    4.2 Any tyre
  5. GT12 /Mardave/Schmacher/Zen
    5.1 Any tyre (subject to 1.1)
    5.2 13.5 turn motors, 1c, Blinkey. 
  6. Truck Racing
    6.1 Tamiya Racing Truck
    (TT01 type E Chassis).
    6.2 Kit wheels/tyres/(Inserts can be used).
    6.3 Motor Saturn 20t / Core 21t / kit supplied torque tuned 25t (brushed),
    19 Tooth Pinion.
    6.4 2 cell Lipo (7.4volts)
    6.5 Open ESC
    Permitted hop ups
    Full bearing set (essential).
    Oil shock absorbers.
    Alloy centre prop shaft.
    Alloy motor mount.
    Adjustable turnbuckles (steering only).
    Universal joints (not really necessary).
  7. Carisma
    7.1 Any tyre.
    7.2 Motor limt 4500kv
    7.3 2 cell Lipo (7.4volts)

Safety first

Relatively safe Model Motor Racing can be potentially hazardous.
Please take sensible precautions, particularly with small children (must be accompanied by an adult).
No pets allowed please -Cars may cause indigestion!!!.
Marshals please take cars well off the track to make any adjustments.
Swearing is against the rules!
Lipo rechargeable's are becoming more popular as it is possible to top up just 1 Lipo between races instead of needing several NiMah/Nicads.
*Lipos are to be charged in a Lipo sack.


We no longer use a pegboard for practice as virtually everyone uses 2.4ghz now.
If you see others who also have a long aerial make sure you're on different frequencys- before switching on
Check your Race number/frequency on heat & finals printout -it may change.
No 35mhz ONLY legal 27mhz, 40mhz and 2.4ghz.
NEVER switch on when racing is in progress -check with race control

Pmcr Club on facebook


* Subject: PMCR website, looking great
Hi Roy
Just thought I would let you know that I have been looking at the Pmcr website and I think it looks really good. Congratulations, the club must be really pleased. Regards Peter Cracknell.


school 300


*Please Remember to renew your BRCA Licence for 2024

*Learning haven Homeschooling
 Introducing Kids to Motorsports

*50 years racing Driver Profile


Racing Raindeer seen at Christmas meeting
Thanks to Andy and joan once again for making the Xmas meeting so special with the usual raffle and lovely cakes and mince pies etc.

*New Tamiya TT01E Racing truck gremlins

Truck problemsWell I had a few electrical gremlins preventing the TT01E Racing truck from working properly so I thought it may help others if they have similar trouble. (just when I thought I was getting used to Brushless!)
It takes a while but if you change one thing at a time until you find the problem

1. Moving the steering quickly also gave a burst of throttle
Traced to the new Trackstar digital servo so changed to old spare Futaba (Spectrum 2.4 module in Futaba Tx)

2. Then the New Hobbywing Esc became intermittent
Traced that to the switch, I don’t normally fit one but I replaced it because it saves time on a truck club meet

3. Instant reverse and no brakes, (changing the position of the pins on the ESC made no difference), This cured itself after sorting the next problem (below)

4. Slow speed (checked Lipos volts and throttle at 100% on Tx first) I’m sure I wired up the motor to the instructions but it was faster in reverse
Just swopping the brushed motor leads over to the ESC, then reversing the throttle on the Transmitter. Now we were up to full speed, with brakes and reverse!

* covid19 rules and diagram below

pmcr Club Covid19 Rules

1. Racers to have face covering on Before entering the Centre.
2. Racers to enter Centre by Reception door only. Hand sanitizer is available there.
3. Racers to have temperature taken at Reception or if not at Race Control using IR temperature meter. Racers to give your contact details Before setting up in the pitting area.
4. Race Control will be moved to a corner of the hall away from the doorway to the pitting area. All contact to Race Control to be kept to a minimum and socially distanced.
5. Correct money only for race entry to be dropped into a container to avoid any contact with money.
6. One way system into pits using the double doors. Exit to track via door past bar through corridor to the hall. To reduceTrack face to face contact to and from
7. One person or one Household per Table. Tables to be used so that everyone faces the hall only. No face to face pitting.
8. Pits overflow (if needed) out into the area opposite the stage.
9. The stage will be marked out for social distancing for Racers.
10. The stage will have a one way system Up the left steps & Down the right steps. Racers are Not to enter the stage until previous Racers have left.
11. Track Marshalls to stand at least 2 meters apart.
12. Racers to bring their own hand sanitizer / gloves to be used for marshalling, because of handling other peoples cars.
13. No snacks or drinks will be sold by the club.
14. Practice will be limited to set times and groups only.


If feeling unwell, do not turn up to race.
Think of your fellow Racers health. Keep safe

* pmcr drivers dominated f1 nationals
super production cup f1 open series

F1 winners picFrom left Jamie 4th, David 3rd, Jason 1st, Norman 7th and Andrew 5th
Congratulations to Jason for taking the overall win of the year. the peterborough team drivers who competed in the hotly contested national series for formula one cars took 5 of the top 7 places, excellent result.

Welcome to
Model Car Racing club